Time Off Requests & Availability Adjustements

Due Date  - end of day Wednesday for the following week to be active

Plans - arrangements for travel or other plans should not be made until request approved

Requests - your correspondence is a REQUEST. Management cannot guarantee it will be granted. Hard work is spent to get everyone the time off they deserve. Reality is we all work for a business with high client expectations. 

Clients - to maintain our jobs, the company you work for is client driven and adapts to their needs

Black Out Dates due to special events and scheduling anomalies, there are some dates that simply may not be able to be grated for time off

Consistency - important to maintain, personal time off is important. Too much demonstrates lack of commitment

Queue - requests are granted in the order they are received, first come first serve. Early communication important

Holidays - management does the best they can during these times. Reality is if clients are open so are we.

Availability Updates - Allow 2 weeks for these to take affect. Plenty of notice is necessary (school schedule, taking new position, moving, etc)

Confirmation - Admin received a lot of requests. Confirmation of acceptance required, don't assume. If you haven't heard back please submit again. 

Confirmation - In cases of high volume request dates, if hiring needed to cover shifts new hires may replace highly coveted shifts for stepping up. There are no "my shifts", each is earned and scheduled with intention. 

It's very important to us to run a successful operation with happy employees. Personal time off and schedule adaptability are nice perks of the position. Nonetheless, everyone has jobs and works for a small business. The needs of our clients keep everyone employed and must be respected. Thank you for understanding.

Complete Form (be thorough). Admin Will Be In Touch.

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